Gold Trail Grange #452 

Coloma- Lotus Community Hall

The Gold Trail Grange and Coloma-Lotus Community Hall is available to rent for your family gathering, weddings, parties, and events. Please see our Rental page for more information.

The Gold Trail Grange encourages families and neighbors to join together to promote the economic and civic well-being of the community and agriculture.  We are committed to fostering education and promoting social events - including festive live music and dance - to help build community in the Coloma Lotus Valley. 

2022 Scholarship Awards


Gold Trail Grange in Coloma is pleased to announce $1500 scholarship awards to three deserving high school students for 2022. Each of these exemplary students demonstrated a commitment of time and effort to our El Dorado County community.


When I look at the applications from our 2022 Gold Trail Grange scholarship recipients—the personal challenges that have all had to face and overcome, the impressive list of school and community activities they have donated their time and energy to, and the accolades from teachers and mentors—it is evident that the Grange is serving a vital purpose in our community by offering assistance to an incredibly worthy trio of young adults.  Here they are:

Octavia Gerondakis (Ponderosa) Emely Manailla-Phoenix, (Ponderosa)

Camry Schoenahl (El Dorado High).


Octavia Gerondakis - Ponderosa High School

Self described as “independent, enthusiastic and persistent,” Octavia is characterized by her teachers as “ a shining star who stands out for her positive leadership abilities, fantastic work ethos, and her respect and kindness for others.” The challenges Octavia has faced in her life have strengthened her commitment to reach the goals she has set for herself. She has created her own Etsy Shop, selling her own crocheted creations, as well as working part time managing a consignment store and at a local gym. She has participated in many teams and clubs including Swim Team, Key Club, Photography Club and College Prep Club, all the while taking AP classes and maintaining  an outstanding academic class ranking.  Octavia plans on attending Boise State in the fall to major in engineering. “I have shown determination and persistence in my past,” says Octavia, “and I plan to continue with the same mindset to achieve my goals.”


Octavia Gerondakis - Ponderosa High School, Emely Mancilla-Phoenix - Ponderosa High School, Camry Schoendahl - El Dorado High School



Before Emely was diagnosed with cancer in her junior year, she was a dance instructor, a member of Writer’s Club and the yearbook staff, and a volunteer for Special Olympics. She still found time to maintain an impressive GPA, take Advance Placement classes, and hold a part time job. “After her diagnosis,” says her doctor, “she could have curled up in a ball and blocked the world our.  She did not do that.” Emely forged ahead to keep up with her rigorous academic schedule, continued to dance and teach, and continued to give to her community.

Says Emely, “I found a new appreciation for life, and a love for helping others.” Her counselor sums it up this way: “Emely is what we hope all of our young people grow up to be like. She is dedicated, focused, caring towards others and a true delight to work with.” In the fall, Emely will be majoring in Forensic Psychology at Grand Canyon University.  Having “experienced the importance of someone else advocating for you in the hardest times,” she is interesting in a career field such as Victim Advocacy.




Camry Schoendahl - El Dorado High School


Camry believes that people are defined by their actions, and her involvement in Special Olympics,  hands 4 hope, and Foothill Dog Rescue certainly reflect her commitment to helping others. Describing herself as a compassionate, adaptable and unapologetic young woman, Camry says, “What matters most to me is serving my community and my family.” Having herself relied on the help of others, she feels a responsibility to give back to organizations which have helped her. Camry is known as “one of those people who stand out in her strong work ethic, reliability  and compassion.”  Throughout most of high school, Camry balanced time between schoolwork and a job, still managing to graduate early in order to save more money towards college. She plans to attend University of Alaska Fairbanks to major in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. “The version of me I am today won’t be who I am in a month, a year or a decade from now but I hope that I never stop serving my community,” says Camry.





Congratulations to our 2021 Scholarship Recipients!

Sandra Morales Beas. Throughout high school Sandra has been an active member of Manos a la Obra, an organization dedicated to promoting diversity, Latin culture, community service and higher education for it’s members.  She also interned for the US Forest Service and was invited to return the following summer as an assistant crew leader. “Her generosity, kindness and patience are evident in the activities she has consistently participated in”......including tutoring peers struggling academically, Empty Bowls, and service at her church. Sandra’s long term goal is to start her own business.  Originally planning to implement this plan by going to a two year college, she has since found that it will be possible to attend Southwestern Adventist University in Texas where she hopes to major in Digital Marketing.  She says, “I don’t want to reflect on my life when I am old and have regrets or say to myself, ‘What if I had done this?’ I know my journey to success won’t be easy, but nothing worth fighting for ever is.”

 Isabella Richardson.  “One of Golden Sierra’s best scholar athletes,” Isabella has consistently challenged herself by taking AP and Honors classes. She earned Academic All-league honors while participating in Soccer, Tennis, Track and Cross Country. She has become “ a team leader in the classroom and in the community, and, says one of her teachers, “she earned this role as a result of her leadership and willingness to help those around her to become better and stronger individuals.” Isabella’s many experiences throughout high school have led her to realize that she “should do everything in (her) power to set up a successful future...and the best way to achieve this is through education.” After graduation, Isabella initially plans to attend Sierra College, and later, pursue a degree in Business Management/Administration. 

 Chayse Emmons.  During her high school career, Chayse says she “has learned the real meaning of hard work and has created great relationships” in the various jobs she has held. She has also been a member of the jazz band during that time. But it is through her involvement in the El Dorado County Peer Council Program that she sees a direction for her life. She says of her future, “I hope to help others see their dreams become their reality, turn people’s lives around...”. She is praised for her “willingness to learn new skills and try new things; she always volunteers for the biggest jobs and never complains.” “Her professionalism, speaking skills and confidence will serve her well.”  As Chayse says, “I am setting myself up to be successful and will continue to execute my plans until my goals have been achieved.”   In the fall, Chayse will be attending American River College and then going to USB to major in Juvenile Criminal Defense Law.

 Jordan Freer.  As a National Merit Scholarship finalist, a member of both water polo and swim teams, and a volunteer at The Upper Room (a meal service facility), Jordan has shown herself to be an “incredibly focused student” as well as a talented athlete and a passionate member of the community.  In addition, she has participated in the Natural Resources program, served as a Special Olympics volunteer and was invited to attend the National Student Leadership Conference. Jordan’s swim coach of 7 years describes her as having “the combination of talent with the drive and dedication to succeed in whatever she puts her mind to while still being one of the politest and kindest people I have ever worked with.  She says her goals for the future come from “ working as a River Guide and having the opportunity to spread knowledge about the social and environmental histories of the incredible (Coloma) valley. After Jordan receives a degree in Biology, Biochemistry, or Applied Mathematics, she plans to get an advanced degree in Environmental Biology. “The intrinsic and extrinsic values of the natural world are equally imperative to protect,” says Jordan, “As we heal our planet, we heal ourselves—and I will be there to lead the charge.”

A past event we remember fondly - Great Concert that helped raise scholarship funds for West Slope High School Students. Feel free to donate to this fund all year long. Even in a pandemic, we help students pursue their dreams!

Doors at 7pm

Our annual fundraiser benefiting Scholarships for West Slope High School Students.

The Gold Trail Grange has funded $7,600 to local students over the last two years.

$10 Cover and no-host bar.

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Birthday party at the Gold Trail Grange

The hall, built in 1926 as a community gathering place, is a venue for a wide variety of presentations and forums. Groups and individuals may rent the building, which has hosted everything from exercise classes to wedding receptions, memorials and birthdays. Each month the Gold Trail Grange has a business meeting and also sponsors community gatherings on a vast range of topics, from meteorites and native plants to League of Women Voters election information and Coloma history. Periodically, the Grange sponsors dances, with live music one of the attractions. The dances are part of a long-standing tradition; early-day Grange treasury reports enumerated expenses for food, orchestras and even floor wax. At one time the “Gold Pannies,” a can-can group made up of local women, entertained at fundraisers. The Grange is located along the beautiful South Fork of the American River that roars and meanders through the heart of the Coloma Lotus Valley, depending on the season.


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El Dorado Quilt Trail is at the Gold Trail Grange

Quilt panel

The Quilt Trail Project, part of the El Dorado County Farm Trails, has a panel at our Gold Trail Grange!

This is the "Star Shadow" quilt painted by Julie Castro.

Check it out when you come to our next event, or drive northerly through Coloma.

Most of our  activities are in the Grange Hall at 319 Highway 49, in the center of Coloma.